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Groups know what you need to have to succeed

Whatever your reason is, OMNIS groups can help you collect the funds you need.

Say Good-bye to "Can you split it 3 ways?" and Hello to OMNIS Groups!

Group Lending

Whether is $50 or $5000, groups of your friends and family can choose how much they can give you when you're short on cash.

Custom Interest Rates

As a lender, you can choose the interest rate on any loan you personally extend. As a borrower, you can choose to accept or deny the terms of any potential loans.

Personal Payment Plans

When borrowing using OMNIS, you can set your payment schedule to your own terms- biweekly or monthly.

Share your wealth

from anywhere

The Sky is the Limit

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Easy to use.

With OMNIS, you can easily request for a loan or, just as easily, help out a friend.

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Get your money from people you trust. No strings attached.

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