Money for the people, by the people.

The credit building app that handles your everyday money moves. No more giving out money with no expectation of getting it back.



Experience OMNIS with your Family, Friends, and your Community

With features to add credit to simple transfer of funds.

Mobile Lending for All

Tight on cash? Let the people you know and trust help with the OMNIS App!

Your financial needs made simple.

Easily request money and pay it back on your own terms.

Friends and Family

Let your community be there for you in times of need.

Earn Money

Help people you know and trust, and get a little pocket change in the meantime.

Safe and Secure

Encrypted and secure transactions.

Banking revolutionized.

It's time we make finance user-friendly, and that means for everyone.

Moving somewhere new?

With the OMNIS App, you can get the support of your friends and family from anywhere on the globe.

Build your credit score.

Making your payments with OMNIS will help boost your credit score.

Build up your community

With OMNIS, communities can come together, bridging wealth gaps all across the world.

No cosigner, no hidden fees.

We are commited to transparency, building a system of trust and productivity.

OMNIS: For All

Borrow and lend money with your family and friends with ease.

Your Money

The best financial experience, any way you want it.

Your Community

When you invite your friends and family to use OMNIS, you will be rewarded with OMNIS points.

Don't take our word for it.

Fatima Salame
Working Mom

The OMNIS App rocks.

Luke Clark

I was able to make my loan payment thanks to OMNIS and my friends.

Kastriot Kosova
Car Enthusiast

With the OMNIS App, I was able to get a new exaust for my car!

Christina Cosley

Because I used the OMNIS App, I was able to rely on my family and friends to kickstart my buisness.

Pedro Alvarez

Before I was promoted, using the OMNIS App helped me to pay for an immigration lawyer.

Pheobe Luther

During some tough times, my cousin helped me through the OMNIS app.

Shane Rivera
Father and Husband

We used OMNIS during our wedding... with the help of our community, we had a great time.

Sabrina Pompelli

Using the OMNIS App, I was able to make the final touches on my kitchen remodeling!

Catherine Nall

Because of OMNIS, my family and I were able to pay my outstanding hospital bills.

Jeff Ross

After coming to the US, my OMNIS community helped pay fro my bills while I was in school.

Stephanie Ujeta

With OMNIS, I can send money to my family overseas.

Heather Browman
Real Estate Agent

Using OMNIS, I can find people in my community that need my help.

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